Miami, fun under the Sun, and more…

I have been an avid sailor since I moved from Madrid to Miami in 1978. Magnificent Biscayne Bay offers the best backdrop for exhilarating sailing days or peaceful and relaxed tours of discovery. To make your experience even better you can take a week vacation and sail down to the keys where great views and crystal clear waters make your journey unforgettable. This past time has made me knowledgeable in the field of waterfront properties in the Miami Area.

During past decades we have had exciting times where the rich and famous adopted this city as their home. We were thrilled to have them among us. We were a city in “fashion”. It coincided with the time when smoking Cuban cigars was in fashion too. I ignore the correlation between cigars, famous people, and Miami, but one thing was clear: Miami was the top choice of residence in US for the super rich and super famous. The bay area was their place of choice. Magnificent views and plenty of fun at your fingertips were part of the deal. 350 days of boating entertaining under the Sun are not easy to reject; beside it is always pleasant to have a magnificent bay, the Bahamas islands and the whole Caribbean as your backyard. Some of those cigar smoking super stars have moved from Miami (perhaps looking for things in fashion other than Cuban cigars), but many others have made Miami their place of residence.

It is not a secret that our market has changed from being national to international ( globalization is part responsible for that), and now more than ever Miami’s bay estates are the prime choice of a very select and distinct public (sometimes movie, sport, and intellectual “super stars”) from all over the world. They are among us and it is not unusual to come across them at stores, restaurants, and events of all sort.

One can say they have become part of Miami’s charm.

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Manuel Buznego Realtor Associate with Shelton and Stewart Realtors, South Miami, Florida.